The Ryder Cup App is a Must Download this Week

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Every year one of the most popular apps that every golfer downloads is The Masters app. Come April I’m rushing to the App store to download it faster than my buddies and I rush to the bar at the turn.

But April has come and gone, it’s September and there is another MUST HAVE golf app. That’s right, the Ryder Cup 2018 app is available in the app store right now.


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With Team USA being on the road and teeing off in Paris it goes without saying that I’m not tuning in at 2am to see what’s going on. Good news is that the Ryder Cup app has me covered.

It has the current score right on the home screen so as soon as I open the app I’m up to date. Scrolling to the bottom of the home screen you have a hole by hole summary along with a digital fly over.

Life gets in the way, but the Ryder Cup is only one weekend every two years so this way I can balance both my family responsibilities and my passion. From up to date scoring, articles, live video, hole by hole flyovers, player profiles and more my portable charger is going to be close by this weekend.

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