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As my trip to Sand Valley approached, I began to start thinking about the finer details. I was finished stalking the courses, so I needed other things to obsess over.

What is the long term weather forecast? What golf shirts will I wear? Do I have enough Pro-V1x’s allotted?

I also began to think about a very important consideration for any golf trip, especially a trip to Sand Valley, which is walking only resort.

Do I have the right shoes for this?

I own a pair of FootJoy DryJoys Tour shoes. Don’t get me wrong, they are a great golf shoe. However, they are on the heavy side, and I wasn’t excited about walking 40+ miles over two days in them. So, I began to set my sights on a comfortable, designed for walking golf shoe that could handle all of the steps ahead of me.

TRUE linkswear Golf Shoes

Enter TRUE linkswear (“TRUE”), a company known for producing a superior, comfortable walking golf shoe. What stood out the most to me about TRUE is that they really stand behind their product. In fact, TRUE guarantees comfort. If you aren’t satisfied with your TRUE shoes, then you have the option of returning them within 30 days of your purchase.

I really liked the idea of buying walking golf shoes from a company who “gives a $#%! about my feet”, and was excited to #enjoythewalk ahead.

The timing of my search was perfect, as TRUE was preparing to release their TRUE Knit line of shoes. Marketed as an extremely lightweight and breathable shoe, they sounded perfect for all of the miles ahead of me in the July Midwestern heat.

Product Specs

Name: TRUE linkswear TRUE Knit

Price: $129

Website: TRUELinkswear.com

Other Details:

  • Extremely Lightweight (9.5 oz)
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • TRUE Water Repellent (surface does not absorb water)
  • Ultra Breathable Upper
  • Full Sockfit Upper Conforms to Your Foot
  • Machine Washable

First Impressions

As soon as I opened the box, I thought to myself, wow, these are really, really lightweight. I put them on and they fit like a sock. In fact, the back of the shoe (around the ankles) has elastic that really adds to this “sock” feeling.


Despite fitting like a sock, the shoes are very well cushioned, and the inserts are thick and very comfortable. I was excited to put them to the test.

First Round in the TRUE Knits

I wore my new TRUE Knits immediately during my next round to ensure that they were the right walking shoe for me. I was especially curious how they felt in terms of support during the swing, because I had always been accustomed to wearing heavy, spiked golf shoes.


I walked 18 holes in the TRUE Knits on opening day at the Rees Jones designed Corica South course in Alameda, CA.

Here’s the thing. You’ll often hear that you should feel like your feet are rooted beneath the ground during your golf swing. This helps with your balance and power. I personally like to feel this at setup during my pre-shot routine. That said, I was very anxious to see how this would feel in an extremely lightweight golf shoe.

Warming up on the range, I didn’t feel like the overall support provided by the shoe was where I needed it to be. Specifically, posting up on my left foot during my follow through felt odd. It felt almost as if I was playing golf in my bare feet. To be completely honest, I was a bit skeptical at first.

Four hours later, and I had just posted my career low round. The concern I had about support was obviously a non-issue in terms of performance. I guess I just needed to get used to the feeling of playing in lightweight golf shoes, as they were completely different from what I was used to wearing.

TRUE Knits at Sand Valley

TRUE Knits feature a water and oil repellent upper, but they are not waterproof. This means the shoes will repel the morning dew, but you are out of luck if you encounter a downpour.

Unfortunately, we had rain in the forecast for day 1 at Sand Valley, so I had to wear my waterproof DryJoys. I just couldn’t risk it. I was pretty bummed.

On day 2, I was excited to throw on the knits for another 20 miles of walking over 36 holes. The walk was more comfortable than the day before in the DryJoys, and I played better in the knits, too. Funny, I was worried about the performance of the knits, but I’ve played nothing but good rounds in them.


Sand everywhere at Sand Valley!

Again, be sure to keep a waterproof pair around after you buy the knits. TRUE has a great waterproof shoe as well, which was reviewed by another contributor here.

Caring for your TRUE Knits

As the name implies, Sand Valley is quite sandy. Not just sand trap sandy, but sand dunes and waste bunkers as well. I found myself in all of these a handful of times. Being 90% polyester, 10% spandex, and off-white in color, they got dirty.

Enter another great feature of the TRUE Knit. They are machine washable. Here are before and after pictures. After washing them, they were nearly in out-of-the-box condition.


Before washing (top) and after washing (bottom).

The Bottom Line

The TRUE Knits are an outstanding walking golf shoe, and outstanding overall shoe for that matter. They are stylish and very comfortable.

What they lose in lacking a waterproof design, they gain in the fact that you can wear these off the course as well. I wear my knits to work every now and again, and I’ve received several compliments on them. As I’ve mentioned throughout the article, performance is definitely there.

I really, really like the TRUE Knits. Everyone else seems to as well, as evidenced by the perfect 5 star rating in 53 reviews on their website. They’re already on backorder because demand is so high.

These are really great shoes, and I don’t hesitate in highly recommending them.


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