The Gold Standard for Rangefinders: Nikon’s COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED

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I recently posted a poll in the Golficity Facebook Group asking, excluding cell phones, would you rather be armed with a Golf GPS system or a Rangefinder.  

While each has their pro’s and con’s, people preferred rangefinders nearly 2-to-1 over a GPS.  So therein lies the problem: which rangefinder do you go with?

Further complicating that question is the fact that the rangefinder marketplace has recently grown from 2 vendors to nearly triple that. So with all the new options at different price points, the premium offerings need to do offer golfers something to differentiate themselves from the competition.  

And while slope was probably the “big” feature a few years ago, it no longer justifies that premium standing alone.

Nikon’s newest productthe COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZEDcomes packed with an abundance of premium features that aren’t available anywhere else and, as a result, guarantee that you’re equipped with the best rangefinder on the market right now.


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The COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED’s hallmark feature is Nikon’s STABILIZED Technology, and really you don’t appreciate how invaluable this is until you’ve used it.  

In sum, every other rangefinder out on the market shares the same inherent flaw: you. Because we’re not military trained snipers, every golfer (some more than others) has difficulty steadying their hand when you go to shoot an intended target. Consequently, your inability to stabilize yourself has resulted in inaccurate reading, which force you to shoot 3, 4, even 5 times before you decide “that’s gotta be right.”

Without STABILIZED Technology

STABILIZED Technology is Nikon’s optical stabilization system, which is designed to reduce vibrations in the viewfinder caused by hand movements by approximately 20%.  As a result, STABILIZED Tech takes out the wobbles and helps you keep your intended target in the crosshairs for faster, more precise results.

With STABILIZED Technology

But if that wasn’t enough, the combination of STABILIZED Technology with LOCKED ON Technology leaves everything else in the dust.  

Everyone who’s used a rangefinder has suffered from an inaccurate reading. You fire at the pin and the rangefinder says 195 yards away, so you line up for the shot, go throw your pre-swing routine, and pure it. You’re instantly filled with golfing nirvana as you already start salivating over the upcoming birdie opportunity while your playing partners all watch your perfect ball flight in awe (and jealousy).

Unfortunately, your hopes are quickly crushed as everyone watches the ball sail into the trees behind the green.  As you pull up to the green, you quickly come to realize that the green was probably only 175 yards away and the rangefinder locked onto some branches on the trees behind the green instead of pin flag.

Nikon’s LOCKED ON Technology helps you avoid making this mistake by displaying a green circle that lets you know that the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED is giving you the distance for the closest target (i.e., the flagstick).

In addition to the invaluable STABILIZED and LOCKED ON features, the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED is also equipped with ID Technology (Nikon’s slope function) to provide you with a distance that accounts for horizontal and height distance to make sure you don’t come up short.  And this can be a huge help whether you’re playing on Par 3s or 5s because the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED has 6x magnification and can give distances for targets as far as 1,200 yards away (accurate to 3/4 of a yard from inside of 700 yards, and within 1.25 yards beyond 700 yards).

And in the event you’re playing a downhill tee shot with water at the bottom and some bunkers nearby, you’ll not only be able to take advantage of ID Technology (to help you get an idea of what club helps keep the ball dry), but also evaluate the distances for your landing zone between the bunkers because the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED can provide you with 8 seconds of continuous measurements.

That said, if you decide to compete in tournaments, rules prohibit rangefinders with slope functions. So to help make sure you avoid any unnecessary rules conflicts and disputes, the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED is equipped with an Actual Distance Indicator, a green flashing light that clearly indicates to everyone that ID Technology is not active.


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Finally, to help make sure your investment is protected, the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED is packaged in a waterproof and fogproof to help withstand the worst conditions. Add in Nikon’s 5-year warranty, and I’m certain that COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED will be an invaluable part of your arsenal that will help you shoot the best scores.

As for my experience with the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED, there’s no question that this is the best, and most helpful, piece of tech in my bag. Before this, I commonly relied on some combination of GPS devices, other rangefinders, and cell phone apps to make sure that all the devices I used actually matched up.

But with the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED’s features, particularly STABILIZED and LOCKED ON Tech, I know that when I shoot at a particular target, I’m 1) hitting my intended target on the first try and 2) getting the true yardage for my intended target, and not something behind it. Naturally, this is a huge confidence booster when you stand over that next shot free of any doubt concerning whether you have the right club in your hand.

Is the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED cheap? No, (it will run you about $450 on Amazon) but it isn’t the most expensive rangefinder on the marketplace either and Nikon has poured their heart and soul into this piece of equipment; optics are crystal clear and will help you quickly identify targets on even the longest Par 5s, information is displayed is easy to understand and read, and the rangefinder itself (and buttons) fit perfectly into your hand.  

And when you add in all the industry exclusive features, Nikon’s waterproof and fogproof packaging, and a 5-year warranty (which is more than double nearly every other manufacturer’s warranty), there’s no doubt that the Nikon COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED is the best rangefinder on the market right now and, as a result, worth every penny.


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