Here’s Why Every Golfer Needs a Signature Move

Mike Dowd Golf Instruction, Mental Game Comments

Every semester in my Academy, I like to give all of our young students a homework assignment.  Develop a signature move. What is a signature move? you might ask.  Well, for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say it is something akin to the saber-rattling move Chi Chi Rodriguez used to make after he dropped a particularly significant putt or Tiger Woods’s …


The Teachings Of a Psychopath – A Golf Hustler’s Playbook

Evan Kander Just For Fun Comments

It didn’t take long to realize something was off with the guy. With an amorphous personality that rivaled his otherworldly shot-shaping abilities, he personified the emotional sequence of stepping onto the hole of your dreams for the first time, followed by the type of tee shot that makes you vow to quit the game—for real this time. His chemical imbalances …


Quick Tips to Sharpen Your Mental Game

Michael F Golf Instruction, Mental Game Comments

You’re striping your irons and bombing your driver on the range and lagging putts on the practice greens like the pros.  Your sand game is strong and you’re beginning to hit some nice fades and draws on demand.  All this means that you’re usually feeling pretty darn good about your golf game when you leave the practice facility, right?  So why does it all …

Golf Expectations

Are Your Expectations Holding Back Your Golf Game?

Sam Adams Golf Instruction, Mental Game Comments

I have recently come to the conclusion that the main reason most average golfers don’t get better is caused by a very unrealistic expectation that most golfers have in common. They believe that their swing can improve and feel comfortable at the same time. Unfortunately I have some bad news; if it doesn’t feel different it isn’t different. I recently …