Get More Enjoyment From Your Golf Game

Golf Podcast 176: How to Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Golf Game

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Get More Enjoyment From Your Golf Game

If you’re an amateur golfer you’re not getting paid to play the game.  So why are you out there?  The correct answer is, to have fun!

So if that’s the case, why is it that so many golfers loose site of having fun with their golf game?  Why is frustration such a common problem in the game of golf, and how can we put our anger aside and start enjoying the game again?

In this episode of The Golf Podcast hosts Frank & Mike will attempt to answer exactly those questions.  We’ll talk about ways to change your perspective and start enjoying the game, even when you’re playing at your worst.  Because after all, every golfer goes through a slump now and then!


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In this Show You Will Learn:

  • Why “accepting the challenge” and understanding that golf is a difficult game is so important to the way you play.
  • How to start letting go of your failure and celebrating your successes to grow your self-confidence.
  • Why it’s important to “mix it up” occasionally and play with friends, or travel to new golf courses.
  • Plus much more.

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