Fitness Friday – Nutrition and Hydration Tips for Golfers

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As Kirk Adams, director of fitness at Golf & Body NYC explains, fitness is not just about what what you do in the gym. That’s right, nutrition and hydration play a huge role in how your body performs on and off the golf course. For more here’s Kirk’s detailed explanation from The Golf Podcast Facebook Group. This week we’re taking …


Golf Podcast 185: Macro Nutrition with Matt Phelps of Metabolic Meltdown

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This week on The Golf Podcast we’re talking to Mike’s diet and nutrition coach, Matt Phelps, about everything from macronutrients to creating a personalized metabolic workout. Tune in as we discuss easy ways to give yourself the healthy lifestyle boost you need to improve your golf game and so much more. In this Show You Will Learn: What a “Macro” …


Good Eating Habits on the Course

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Over the years of amateur golf, the game has provided some great lessons about learning and good habits. For example, it’s one thing to have an umbrella in your bag at all times, but quite another to study the weather report the evening before play. An umbrella is nice to have, sure, but if thoroughly prepared you’ll have the proper …