Creating an Off-Season Golf Workout Program

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The off-season is the perfect time to focus on building strength and flexibility into your golf game. This week Kirk Adams, Director of Fitness at Golf & Body NYC, shows us how to address some of the physical limitations that may be holding back our golf game. For more here’s Kirk’s detailed explanation from The Golf Podcast Facebook Group. Today we’re …

Golf Pre Season Check Up

Get Your Golf Game Ready with a Pre-Season Check Up

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The snow is finally (hopefully) gone, the ground is starting to thaw out, and temperatures are starting to creep above the mid-40s. While ~15 years ago this would’ve signaled the first chance I’d get to toss a baseball outside, it now represents the beginning of golf season here in the Northeast.  And while you should’ve been doing something in the off-season to …


Honing Your Skills in the Off-Season on a Budget

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Well, winter is here in my part of the country, and it seems Mother Nature just skipped right over fall. One day, we were out on the course fighting the autumn winds, and the next day were suffering through frosted greens and wind chills in the 20’s. Such is life (and weather) in Kentucky. Embed from Getty Images   These …

Tips for Tuning Up Your Golf Game During the Off-season

Tips for Tuning Up Your Golf Game During the Off-season.

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As colder weather approaches a lot of golfers will soon be forced to put the clubs and go into hibernation for a few months until spring rolls back around.   Most of us die-hards will certainly be keeping the clubs in the trunk a bit longer and hanging on until the last patch of grass is covered in snow.  For those …