Golf Reading

The Pros and Cons of Reading About Golf

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I’m usually one who watches a lot of golf on television – A LOT of golf. Admittedly, I missed the majority of the Tournament of Champions due to football playoffs, returning to work after the holidays, and forgetfulness. Any other year, I would be waiting to watch the beauty of the Hawaiian course and last year’s winners battling it out …

Pay-By-The-Hour Golf

Pay-By-The-Hour Golf is Both Brilliant and Dangerous

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According to a story on Lake News Online, the Lodge of Four Seasons in Missouri is launching a pay-by-the-hour option to their traditional golf pricing model. On the surface, it seems like a brilliant idea, especially for those of us that pride ourselves on playing faster than average pace of play.  It also is a great way for a golf course …


Martha Burke Chooses the Right Shot, but has Poor Execution

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In a editorial released on in the wee hours of Monday, Oct. 31, 2016, Martha Burke, Director of Corporate Accountability Project for the National Council of Women’s Organizations, said “Pressure is mounting on the United States Golf Association to move next year’s Women’s U.S. Open away from the Trump-owned Bedminster club in New Jersey.” You may recall the many, …