Staying in Golf Shape at Your Desk

Staying in “Golf Shape” at Your Desk

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Like a New Year’s Resolution, I’m sure most of us have made a conscious effort to get in better “golf shape” during the off-season. Whether that means hitting the weight room, torturing yourself on a treadmill, sneaking in some stretching/yoga/mobility work, or just practicing your chipping and putting on the living room carpet, it’s important that you remain committed to …

Chipping Pitching Sand Practice The Golf Podcast

Golf Podcast 180: Chipping, Pitching, and Sand Practice

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The average golfer gives away countless strokes around the green. By improving your pitching, chipping, and bunker play you can make huge improvements in your ability to score. In this episode of The Golf Podcast hosts Frank & Mike run through three important short-game drills you can do to get better in each of these critical areas of your golf …


Tournament Time: How to Survive Your First Tournament

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We watch the players on the various tours every week hitting incredible shots under the extreme pressure of millions of dollars and prestigious titles on the line. Often we wonder how they can do that and how we might emulate the way they play the game. Embed from Getty Images   We may not have their swings or power or …