Tournament Time: How to Survive Your First Tournament

Todd Pataky Competition, Golf Instruction Comments

We watch the players on the various tours every week hitting incredible shots under the extreme pressure of millions of dollars and prestigious titles on the line. Often we wonder how they can do that and how we might emulate the way they play the game. Embed from Getty Images   We may not have their swings or power or …


Improve Your Game Today Without Lessons

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Lessons are expensive. They are time consuming. And then there is the intolerable wait for the changes you make to “take hold.” You have to listen to the pro tell you you’re pronating, or suppinating, or deal with the haunting image of your golf swing on video. You have to listen to your friends on the practice range telling you …

Creating a Solid Practice Routine on The Golf Podcast

Golf Podcast 106: Creating a Solid Practice Routine

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Are you ready to start taking your golf game seriously?  If so, you’ll need a well-structured practice routine.  If you don’t already have one, keep in mind that a good practice routine is one that focuses on all areas of your golf game for total game improvement. In this episode of The Golf Podcast, hosts Frank & Mike discuss the 50/50 …

How to Effectively Simulate Pressure in Your Golf Practice Sessions

How to Effectively Simulate Pressure in Your Practice Sessions

Marty Griffin Golf Instruction, Mental Game Comments

Whether you’re approaching a personal best, on your way to sweeping a $5 Nassau, or standing over a shot that could win you a tournament; pressure is a part of everyone’s golf experience.  People have different coping mechanisms that have varying levels of success.  Obviously in the perfect world we wouldn’t experience any pressure or its most common symptom, tension. …