Tommy Armour Announces New ATOMIC Clubs

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Tommy Armour has announced its newest full line of clubs, driver through putter, will be hitting shelves at all Dick’s Sporting Goods stores this week.

And before you dismiss Tommy Armour as a “discount brand”, I would highly advise you to read about the new technology built into the new line. It’s also important to remember why their equipment costs less. They don’t have to deal with a lot of the distribution costs that the other major OEMs have to manage. Their business model is essentially direct-to-consumer since Tommy Armour is only available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s actually a great model.

And, really, when it comes down to it, if you’re basing your golf equipment decisions on a “more expensive is better” philosophy, then I feel sorry for you. Because you are seriously missing out.

Let’s Talk ATOMIC

ATOMIC, that’s what Tommy Armour is calling their newest line of driver, fairways and hybrids, and irons.


Starting with the ATOMIC driver, it’s built with a DAT 55 Titanium cup face, which is 25% stronger than your standard, run-of-the-mill titanium, which gives you higher ball speeds off the face. It also has a 360° Aerodynamic design to help us with club head speed.

It’s built with a 40% larger carbon crown, allowing for a full 10 grams of discretionary weight, which increases forgiveness off the face. And it comes with a new, six-setting hosel that allows changes in loft, lie, and face angle. Which allows you to really dial it in to your swing.


All of that, plus a much hotter face thanks to the combination of the high-strength titanium and cup face design, for $400.

ATOMIC Fairways and Hybrids

Available (for righties) in a 15° 3-wood, 22° 5-wood, 18° 3-hybrid, and 21° 4-hybrid, the new fairway woods and hybrids are essentially designed exactly as the driver, with one exception. They also include a patented process that brazes, a metal-joining process, the titanium cup face to the body of the club to produce faster ball speeds (distance!) and saving weight to improve forgiveness.



Continuing with the titanium theme, both sets of irons are built with titanium faces as part of a multi-material construction. In the case of the irons, Tommy Armour has combined all of the technologies from both the driver and fairway and hybrid clubs to build a longer, more forgiving iron.


Once again, the DAT-55 titanium makes an appearance in the cup face and, like its fairway and hybrid siblings, the cup face is brazed to the body of the club to produce faster ball speeds. Also, with a cup face 40% lighter than steel, it allow 60 grams of tungsten of discretionary weight to be designed into the sole of the irons. Why does that matter? Because it moves the CG low and more towards the toe, allowing the irons to provide much more forgiveness when mis-hit.

On to the Scoring Clubs and Flat-Sticks

Tommy Armour’s new VCG wedges come in the typical degree variety, bounce options, and matching grinds. Built with forged 1020 carbon steel (rather than the more common 8620 carbon or 304 stainless), the VCGs offer the feel the golfer requires. They also have a proprietary 21-groove design that provides much better contact and spin on the golf ball. The additional grooves also displace more turf and sand for cleaner club-face to ball contact.


Finally, and what I think has potentially the greatest value across the entirety of the line, are the new INFUSION putters. The new putters have four different head shapes available: the Roslin, Newhaven, Phoenix, and Aero/Aero CB.


What I’m most interested in is what Tommy Armour is calling “speed balanced technology”. Each putter comes with a CNC milled insert. The face design has a converging milling pattern at the center of the face and more dispersed patter towards the toe and heel.


While that milling pattern isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, it’s the cost that has me very interested. At $180, I don’t know if you could find another putter that has that number of head options and a milled-design.

Time to test! Off to Dick’s Sporting Goods I go!


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