10 Golf Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

10 Golf Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

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Over the past year Instagram has taken off like a skinny kid on a teeter totter when his fat friend wants to play (that fat friend perhaps being Facebook who purchased Instagram in late 2012 for $1 billion).  Regardless, the golf world has been quick to adopt the new image-heavy social network and with that said, here are 10 golf Instagram accounts you should be following.

1.) @pgatour:  The official Instagram account of the PGA TOUR, and easily one of our favorites on account of their regular updates, huge following, and behind-the-scenes candid images of our favorite players and tournaments.

2.) @golfchannel: Providing excellent visual coverage of everything from press conferences to tournaments, the Golf Channel’s official Instagram account should be on every golf fan’s radar.

3.) @rickiefowler: While most major athletes have their publishers or brand managers handle their Twitter and other social media accounts, Rickie Fowler “keeps it real” by personally posting all of his content.  What you end up with are entertaining, off-the-cuff, candid images of Rickie’s life.

4.) @ianjamespoulter1: Although not nearly as regularly updated as Rickie’s account, Ian Poulter’s Instagram is another example of a big name player who posts all of his own content.  Ian’s account is good for occasional off-beat snapshots from Ian’s personal life.

5.) @lexi: The official Instagram account of Lexi Thomson, self described a “LPGA Golfer, professional owler, wanna be rapper.”  With nearly 5,000 followers Lexi is known for her daily stream of images depicting everything from her tournaments to her trips to the grocery store.

6.) @bencranegolf: Professional golfer and member of the PGA exclusive boy band The Golf Boys, Ben Crane is a one-of-a-kind personality (to put it lightly).  You’ll just have to check out his Instagram account to see what we mean.

7.) @annarawson: Anna Rawson, professional golfer, general hottie (#4 on our Top 10 Hottest Women in Golf), need we say more?

8.) @keeganbradley1: Like Rickie, Keegan’s instagram account provides a very personal look into the young golfer’s exciting life on and off the course.  

9.) @golfdigest: With almost 10,000 followers, and dozens of images from its popular magazine, Golf Digest’s Instagram is certainly worth a follow.

10.) @golficity: No explanation needed here…just remember to tag those images with #golficity for a chance to get noticed on our Facebook page.

Bonus Account:

11.) @paulinagretzky: The official Instagram of the blonde bombshell that is Paulina Gretzky (daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky).  Paulina has recently been tied to Dustin Johnson (@DJohnsonPGA) and was observed spending a week in Maui with DJ when he won the Hyundai Tournament of Champions at Kapalua.  Let’s just say Paulina certainly knows how to work a cell phone camera.

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Add @troongolf to the list. Their account is awesome, and they are sharing a lot of photos from facilities worldwide. They also have different segments of content, including the #TroonSelfie and more. Great stuff from the world’s largest golf course management company.