A Small Plane Crash Landed on the 9th Hole at Paramus Golf Course

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News headlines of planes crash landing on golf courses always turn a few heads, but this most recent accident happened right in our back yard.

The incident that happened on Sunday occurred just a few hundred yards from where we shot our Ridgewood vlog this past summer, so needless to say, the news caught our attention.

The images may look pretty sensational, but the good news is that no one was killed in the crash.

Initial reports coming from the scene on Sunday indicated that two adults and one child sustained minor injuries and that everyone is expected to make a full recovery.

The plane had taken off from Lincoln Park Airport and was headed to Poughkeepsie, New York when it experienced engine trouble shortly after takeoff, forcing the crash landing at Paramus GC. 

According to witnesses, there were golfers on the course when the crash happened shortly after noon on Sunday, but luckily no one on the ground was injured.

All around, a pretty fortunate outcome for what could have been a tragic incident.

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