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Australian Golfers Hit Into a Different Kind of “Gallery”

Kris McEwen Just For Fun Leave a Comment

At least it isn’t another terrifying alligator this time.

Apparently, as the man says in the video, this is “golf in Australia”.

It’s kind of crazy to watch the golfers walk through the mob (that’s the technical term for a large group of kangaroos #themoreyouknow) and have the kangaroos mostly just look up at them and do little else.

Here in the Midwest, most of our animals, be it deer, geese, or the occasional fox, tend to be pretty jittery and take off at first sight. Unless you have food in your cart, in which case, squirrels will make off with your breakfast without a second thought. Little bastards.

Naturally, seeing this video led me down a rabbit-, err, kangaroo-hole, of YouTube videos in which the ‘roos have taken over a fairway or sandtrap.

Here’s another one:

And this one where the kangaroo could not care less that the guy directly in front of him is about to take a shot.

Play it where it lies, pal. Play it where it lies!

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