Bridgestone TOUR B Wedges (5)

First Look: Bridgestone Golf TOUR B XW-1 Forged Wedge Review

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I need to start off by saying that I have always been a fan of Bridgestone Golf balls whether it was the e6 line to even now, their TOUR B set. However, I have never used, practiced, or performed with Bridgestone golf clubs and I was super excited to get my hands on these wedges.

We’ve seen countless professionals on TOUR using Bridgestone equipment like Matt Kuchar, Brandt Snedeker, Fred Couples, Bryson DeChambaeu, and even Tiger Woods is using Bridgestone balls. But, how would us amateurs perform with a brand other than a Taylormade or Callaway?

As amateurs, we usually sway towards golf equipment that has the most buzz.  I am one of those who doesn’t care much what the pros play because honestly, I am not a pro and I know that. I don’t need to grab the latest Callaway Epic driver or a Scotty Cameron putter just because I see it flashed around on Sunday.

While it may make me “look cool” on the course among my buddies to have the ‘popular’ brands we see Jordan and Rory playing, I know those clubs simply aren’t the right purchase for my particular golf game.  I urge us all to look and test out clubs from Bridgestone because if the rest of their line is anything like these wedges, we may have just struck gold.

First Impression

The TOUR B XW-1 wedges landed on my doorstep and after immediately opening it one word came to mind … sleek.  Bridgestone is offering the XW-1 in two finishes, and I received a 56 degree in Black Oxide and a 60 degree in Satin Chrome. 

Bridgestone TOUR B Wedges

These finishes are offered in the following lofts: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60. Only offered in right-handed models at launch, each XW-1 wedge comes stock with the True Temper DG Spinner shaft and Golf Pride MultiCompound grip. 

What a perfect combination! 


“For anyone who thinks of Bridgestone as just a great golf ball company, the XW-1 wedges are a prime example of the insanely high quality of our clubs,” says Zack Kupperbusch, Golf Club Marketing.

“In a time where many OEM’s continue to cut corners by producing cast heads, Bridgestone Golf emphasizes feel through unmatched forgings and true innovations.”

Bridgestone TOUR B Wedges (3)

Bridgestone’s forgings are as premium as it gets, and the XW-1 is no different. Although feel is a vague and subjective category, eight late-season outings show the XW-1 to be crisp, soft and responsive, pretty much what you’d expect from a premium, Japanese-forged club.

Performance and Spin

After playing three rounds and putting these through five range/practice sessions, I can honestly say that these wedges match up very nicely against Vokey’s and RTX’s.

My greenside bunker game was on point during those rounds and my spin result was far better than the Callaway wedges I had been playing. I love how these wedges feel and my short game confidence is far better knowing I have a proper set of wedges.

It looks as if the team at Bridgestone understand the importance of spin now that they have shifted from general swirled milling patterns to milled lines between grooves.  Now, the revamped new line of wedge  features parallel milled lines between each groove, which leads to more consistent spin on shorter backswing type shots, particularly around the green — which is key to scoring.


Price-wise the XW-1 is right in the ball park with the average price for a high quality golf wedge.  I have played sub-$100 dollar wedges and frankly, they didn’t stay in my bag.

A wedge is a club you score with; attacking pins and putting balls close enough for that sought after 1-putt par or birdie. I don’t know about you, but I like to put my money towards equipment that will get me the best result, and wedges often top that list.

The funny thing is that Bridgestone could actually charge more for these wedges and I would still be a customer. But right now, you’re looking at a SUPER high quality wedge that hits retail on January 3, 2018 with the True Temper DG Spinner shaft for $140.


Don’t think of Bridgestone as just “another” option for less experienced players because if you do, your thinking about your game the wrong way. My advice is to go visit a Bridgestone club-fitter in your local golf shop and try these wedges out before they hit the stores.

If you’re in the market for a new set of wedges, you shouldn’t look any further than the TOUR B XW-1s.

Bridgestone TOUR B Wedges (5)

And don’t get me wrong. I have tested many clubs over the years and there have been plenty I have never used again. But this time, I have found my forever wedges.

Bridgestone has not paid me one red cent to say this … I truly love these wedges!

And when you’re attacking pins and lighting up greens next season as a result, be sure to thank me on Twitter.


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