Bryson is Still Weird and Other Notes From the Weekend

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It’s Like He Wants Us to Make Fun of Him

Mad scientist/golf oddball, Bryson DeChambeau, was caught on camera using a compass on his yardage book on Saturday.

According to Bryson, he was using it to figure out true pin locations. “The pin locations are a little bit off every once in a while”, DeChambeau said, “so I’m making sure they’re in the exact right spot.”

Really? You need a compass to figure out where the hole location is on a green?

And, of course, the PGA TOUR is now looking into the use of such a device to see if it is or is not legal to use during a competitive round. My vote is it should be deemed illegal simply based on the ridiculousness of the idea itself. As if these guys didn’t play slow enough, already.

I can just hear him now after missing an approach shot by a foot, “if only I had my compass…”

Speaking of Slow Play…

J.B. Holmes is at it again.

There were several people within the golf Twitterverse that specifically blamed Paul Casey’s issues on Sunday to who was playing in front him. J.B. Holmes.

And this isn’t the first time Holmes has been called out for slow play. Back in January, at the Farmer Insurance Open, the human rain delay took four minutes to hit his second shot. Which was a par-5 lay-up.

Of course, all the TOUR has to do is actually enforce the rules to make this kind of stuff go away.

Well, They Do Enforce Some Rules

Like the one that gave Zach Johnson a penalty stroke.

Apparently, ZJ took too long to take his next shot, despite the ball wobbling on the lip of the cup. Although, had he hit it while wobbling, that may have been a penalty, too.

Here is the actual rule:

“When any part of the ball overhangs the lip of the hole, the player is allowed enough time to reach the hole without unreasonable delay and an addition 10 seconds to determine whether the ball is at rest. If by then the ball has not fallen into the hole, it is deemed to be at rest. If the ball subsequently falls into the hole, the player is deemed to have holed out with his last stroke and must add a penalty stroke to his score for the hole; otherwise, there is no penalty under this rule.”

Meanwhile, J.B. Holmes is out there freezing everyone without a care in the world.

Makes sense, PGA TOUR.

The Return of Bubba

Well, he’s been back a while now. After all, this is his third win this season, including a Match Play blow-out at the WGC Dell Match-Play.

So what changed? It seems two things, one we don’t know much about. But the other we know a lot about.

First, Bubba was not healthy last year. We don’t know what it was, but we do know it cost him about 20 pounds. Which is no joke.

Second, and despite what Watson will or won’t tell you, he stopped playing that ridiculous golf ball and went back to his tried and true ProV1.

In Bubba’s defense, would you admit to playing a lesser ball just because they paid you a bunch of money?

But the real, feel good story is what he did with part of his winnings. $200,000 of it went towards The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a Connecticut-based organization founded by actor Paul Newman that aims to give children with serious illnesses an enjoyable camp experience.

Bravo, Bubba!

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