Could Chewing Gum and Drinking Coffee Help your Golf Game

Could Chewing Gum and Drinking Coffee Help your Golf Game?

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All athletes at every level of their sport have little things that they do that are supposed to help them post better numbers. For example, Tom Brady started an avocado craze after sharing his diet plan with the public. Now, there could be a new craze making its way to golf.

Usually in golf, you want to avoid as many distractions as possible in order to stay focused. But this new study says that you may want to start chewing gum while on the course to help foster lower scores. The study also claims that caffeine is also a big factor in helping to improve ones’ golf game.

Typically, caffeine is supposed to make you weaker and dehydrated but this idea is being flipped on its head.

If you’re looking for specifics on why these relatively easy fixes are beneficial, the study that was supported by Auburn University has exact numbers. They say that consuming a moderate dose of caffeine improves golf-specific measures and on average, can shave two strokes off your handicap. As for gum, chewing some during a round can increase productivity and reduce cognitive errors.

Jordan Spieth of the United States hits his tee shot on the 13th hole…

Jordan Spieth of the United States hits his tee shot on the 13th hole during the final round of the 146th Open Championship at Royal Birkdale on July 23, 2017 in Southport, England. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

With these studies in mind, there’s now a company based out of Colorado that is rolling out “Golf Gum.”

“There’s an evolving consumer demand for cleaner supplements,” says Troy Widgery, Apollo Gum’s CEO. “We’re creating the future of energy. Golf Gum’s liquid core delivery system rapidly releases the full benefits of specially-sourced natural caffeine and B-vitamins.”

This might sound like a lot of made up science but there is at least a shred of precedent on the PGA TOUR. If you remember back to the Open Championship, Jordan Spieth had a terrible start but according to reports, coach Cameron McCormick gave Spieth some mint gum before the rest of his rounds at Royal Birkdale. The speculation that this helped him perform had to be downplayed by Spieth after the tournament had ended.

While it may sound a little crazy that things this simple could help out your golf game, it can’t hurt to try them out before and during your next round because one thing is for sure, this fix would be a lot cheaper than buying new equipment.


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