Eddie Pepperell Slammed “The Match” on Twitter and Got Some Pushback

Justin B. News, Players Leave a Comment

Well, today is finally the day that we get to see “The Match” between Tiger and Phil. But even with all of the excitement surrounding the event, some people have been vocal in their opposition to the event.

You can count Eddie Pepperell as one of those that is not a big fan of the spectacle. Pepperell recently won the Qatar Masters and broke a twitter silence to come out and oppose “The Match.”

His big argument seems to be that having two players compete for $9 million is bad for the game overall and is a desperate plea for attention.

In Pepperell’s own words, he tweeted out “Coming away from my Twitter ban just to take Georgie’s point further and conclude that this is indeed everything golf shouldn’t be doing right now. One man earning $9 Million isn’t attractive. This putrid attempt at attention will turn out to be futile for everyone. Pathetic.”

And even though most of the money will likely end up going to charities at the end of the day, Pepperell took another swipe at the American event. The Brit later tweeted out that maybe the money should go towards America’s national debt instead to bring it down below the current level of almost $22 trillion.

Basically, he’s just saying this money could be much better spent.

Pepperell has gotten a lot of backlash from this tweet though, with many people saying maybe he shouldn’t participate in American events and claim the prize money. Caddie Kip Henley also called out Eddie for bashing “The Match” by stating that Pepperell is showing some jealousy because if he were offered $10 million for one match, he’d be playing today too.

Regardless of how you feel about “The Match,” it’s taking place today and I’m sure even the critics will be tuning in. So just buckle in, and take in the competition between two of the best golfers to ever play the game.

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