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Fairway Pro Divot Simulator Review

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If you’re a regular listener of The Golf Podcast you may recall Episode 101 where we discussed the importance of moving your divot forward through your swing.  In fact, we we’re so excited about this topic that I decided to take it a step further by testing out the best training aid to help practice this.  After discovering the FairwayPro Divot Simulator we jumped at the chance to test it out.

Here’s the basic idea of how this training aid works:

First a Little Background 

As mentioned earlier, I came across this training aid when I was looking for ways to move my divot forward and stop hitting the ground before striking the ball.  I was chunking way to many shots and blowing up plenty of scorecards as a result.  I waited about four rounds after working with the DivotPro to see if any positive results would come about before writing this review.

The Results

Immediately I noticed a cleaner strike on the golf ball which was allowing me to hit the ball more “pure.”  The problem however was that I began hitting everything longer, but that’s an ‘okay’ problem to have with an easy fix.  I have visited the range many times since to begin re-calibrating my iron distances as a result of my improved divot movement and ball striking.  After quickly determining my distances appropriately and executing the shot (with the help of my Bushnell TOUR V3 Jolt Rangefinder), I have been able to hit more greens in regulation which I noticed on my stats log.

Believe it or not, the device also helped with my tempo because striking the pad could be awfully loud.  By trying to make less of a noise (this is my mental game speaking), I was slowing things down and hitting much better golf shots.  Here’s a shot of my new ‘swing confidence’ as a result of using the FairwayPro.  It’s tough to see it, but that divot was perfect!

Mike from Golficity

Convenience, Feel, and Quality


Sometimes larger training aids are a little too bulky which limits us from where we can store them, use them, and travel with them.  With the FairwayPro, the whole device is super thin, lightweight, and will fit perfectly in any trunk, closet, or garage without taking up space.

The Handle

Believe it or not, the Handle is my favorite feature of the FairwayPro.  When you walk to the range with your clubs over your shoulder and a bucket of balls in the one hand, you’re limited on what else you can carry.  I found that it was simple to hold the device using their clever handle in the same hand that I held the bucket of balls.   It feels like your holding a super light briefcases while walking into your office.  For some of us lucky ones, the range may be our office!

Fairway Pro divot simulator 1

The Turf and Slider

Most of us know that you can spend big money on a product made of junk.  Rest assured, when you purchase the FairwayPro, you’re definitely NOT buying junk.  This tool is made with top notch materials that present durability and sustainability.  I must have taken 100 hits on this device and it looks as if it was never used.

The turf is accurate and in fact, it’s better than most turf mats you find at the range.  The ‘weight-plate’ that slides under the range mat works perfectly to keep the system in place during your practice session.  The slider, although a little loud at impact, worked without a single flaw.

The turf is extremely durable the entire device is built to last.

Where to Get it 

There a number of places you can get a FairwayPro Divot Simulator tool but the best and easiest way is right on Amazon.  With a Prime Membership, you can get this training aid sent directly to your house for $149.00 and free shipping.

Also, check out their website to learn more about who they are and see other user testimonials.

Fairway Pro Divot Simulator
9.1 Golficity
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Accurately helps moving your divot forward.
  • Affordable price.
  • Convenient to store, carry, setup, and use.
  • Makes a loud sound when struck.
Ease of Use

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