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Golf Ball Recovery Diver Attacked by Alligator

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The alligator epidemic has been well documented on the golf circuit this season with the large reptiles appearing on courses across the country. And now, a gator has finally become aggressive against someone who was invading its territory.

A gator attacked a local man, Scott Lahodik, this week at a golf club in the Fort Myers, Florida area after he was diving for golf balls. The gator, reportedly 8-10 feet in length, latched onto the arm of Lahodik and refused to let go until he struck the gator┬árepeatedly with his free arm. After escaping the gator’s grasp, Lahodik was able to get to his cart and seek medical attention.

“He just came and, full blast, grabbed my arm all the way back in his throat and then he started to roll with me,” Lahodik described from his hospital bed. “He rolled a couple times and then he still didn’t let go so I knew I had to do something, so I started punching him up by the eye and then he let go.”

While he is lucky to be alive, Lahodik didn’t escape the ordeal without serious injuries. His arm was ripped up pretty good and required over 400 stitches and staples to be repaired. Lahodik has no idea when he will be able to use his arm again and he has come to terms with the fact that his golf ball diving career is likely over, something he has done since returning from his military service in 1988.

While this alligator was certainly more aggressive than the ones that have been seen on courses this year, it wasn’t even close in size. If a gator that is only 8 feet long was able to do this much damage to a man, imagine what a one twice that size, like the alligator spotted on a South Carolina course earlier this year could do.

Thankfully, that is only a hypothetical situation but this is just another story that should bring caution to golfers who play on courses where gators are spotted regularly. Make sure to stay aware and safe next time you hit the course with your buddies.

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