How to Get More Distance from Your Driver Without Sacrificing Control

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Believe it or not, it actually isn’t all that difficult to squeeze some additional yardage out of your driver. Even if you already hit the ball a decent distance from the tee, making a few mechanical adjustments to your swing should permit you to hit the ball a bit farther.  However, those adjustments often come at a price. While the …

Take 5 Shots Off Your Handicap Today

Take 5 Shots Off Your Handicap Today!

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If the state of denial was an actually one of the 50 in our United States of America it would likely be populated almost exclusively by every red-blooded American male golfer in the Union.  I’m not saying golfers are the only self-deluded bunch of athletes out there (there might be a few fisherman residing there too), but in no other sport …


Using Baseball Swing Habits to Improve Your Golf Swing

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Have you ever had your playing partner ask “did you play baseball?” after witnessing your golf swing? The fact is, whether it’s a few early years in Little League, or playing for your High School Varsity team, baseball has been a part of many of our lives in one way or another. It’s also quite true that most ex-baseball players …