K-Motion: Improve Faster with Bio-Feedback Technology

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Technology has become a part of normal, everyday life. Indeed, portable technology that allows us to be more efficient has shown to be most valuable. And golf is no exception. And after having the experience to do a swing evaluation, it’s no secret why K-Motion will be an invaluable tool for any golfer who’s looking to develop their skill and improve …

Staying in Golf Shape at Your Desk

Staying in “Golf Shape” at Your Desk

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Like a New Year’s Resolution, I’m sure most of us have made a conscious effort to get in better “golf shape” during the off-season. Whether that means hitting the weight room, torturing yourself on a treadmill, sneaking in some stretching/yoga/mobility work, or just practicing your chipping and putting on the living room carpet, it’s important that you remain committed to …


Honing Your Skills in the Off-Season on a Budget

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Well, winter is here in my part of the country, and it seems Mother Nature just skipped right over fall. One day, we were out on the course fighting the autumn winds, and the next day were suffering through frosted greens and wind chills in the 20’s. Such is life (and weather) in Kentucky. Embed from Getty Images   These …

Smylie Kaufman Step Drill for a Better Downswing

Steal Smylie Kaufman’s Step Drill for a Better Downswing

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Having trouble moving your hips and lower body through the ball?  Well don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Even PGA TOUR rookie sensation Smylie Kaufman struggles from time to time with activating his lower body through his downswing. In this video Smylie shows off his simple, yet highly effective drill for getting his downswing sequence started off with his lower …

Creating a Smart Practice Routine – Don’t Get Caught in Lee’s Trap

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Remember Lee Westwood, he held the hot potato that was the number 1 spot in the official world rankings after Tiger lost it back in 2010. Even though he held the number 1 spot, he did so with his exceptional ball striking and not with his short game which many on tour considered to be average. Like many amateur golfers, …