GOLFTEC Might Just be the Future of Golf Lessons

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With more than 20 years of experience, GOLFTEC is a leader and pioneer in golf lessons.  In fact, GOLFTEC has taught more than 8 million lessons, with students saving an average of 7 strokes.

In other words, that’s the difference between shooting in the upper-80s and finally breaking 80 and establishing a single digit handicap.

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So what makes GOLFTEC unique?  While “GOLF” is self-explanatory, “TEC” represents the three fundamentals of every top tier golfer: Technique, Equipment, and Conditioning.

Let’s start with what GOLFTEC’s most known for: Technique.

Instead of aimlessly following the newest fad in teaching theory, GOLFTEC relies on fact-based instruction using video analysis, motion measurement, and Tour player data.  Notably, GOLFTEC conducted the SwingTRU Motion Study, which analyzed data from more than 35,000 golfers, ranging from 30-handicappers to single-digit golfers, club champions, and even Tour players.

After crunching all the data, GOLFTEC identified certain body positions (and their respective benefits) between different skill levels throughout the golf swing.  The initial phase of the SwingTRU Motion Study highlights the following six key positions and the benefits associated with each one:

  1. Hip Sway at Top Position — Accuracy, Distance
  2. Shoulder Tilt at Top Position — Accuracy, Contact
  3. Hip Sway at Impact Position — Accuracy, Contact
  4. Hip Turn at Impact Position — Distance, Contact
  5. Shoulder Tilt at Impact Position — Accuracy, Contact
  6. Shoulder Bend at Finish Position — Distance, Contact

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So what actually happens at a GOLFTEC lesson?

While I’ll be finding out first-hand in the next couple of weeks, each student is strapped into GOLFTEC’s proprietary motion capture technology.  With the help of TECSWING, GOLFTEC’s proprietary teaching technology, students are simultaneously provided with video and motion measurements that will help identify swing flaws and help them really get that “feeling” of a more ideal swing position.  Which is ideal, because regardless of whether you’re a visual or sensory learner, having access to both video and body position targets can help provide you with more a complete understanding of what needs to be changed.

But, as you might imagine, there’s a LOT of data to sift through.  So to make sure each instructor is capitalizing on the wealth of data provided by the TECSWING Training System, GOLFTEC requires each instructor to go through a multi-week certification process where coaches will learn to master the analysis of golf mechanics, the technology of the GOLFTEC training system, and the most productive teaching techniques.  In fact, at the time of writing this article, GOLFTEC had 25 instructors who were awarded with Golf Digest’s Best Teacher in their respective state.

While most lessons are conducted indoors in climate controlled bays, GOLFTEC also encourages its instructors to conduct on-course lessons at least once a week.

During a playing lesson, a GOLFTEC instructor will accompany you and/or a couple other students on a local course where you’ll put all that time you’ve spent in the classroom to the test.  And I can’t stress how invaluable this opportunity is because while it’s great to take lessons inside, even with all the technology on the course, the ultimate test is how your lessons have helped you improve and deal with the pressure of different situations (a bad lie) and scenarios (hitting that low, draw shot to get it on the fairway from underneath some tree branches).

And to make sure you don’t address any mistakes or swing flaws that occur while playing, each instructor is equipped with an iPad to collect on-course data to incorporate into future lessons.

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To wrap up Technique, GOLFTEC provides every student with access to their Player Performance Center – an online dashboard where they can watch video from previous lessons, and access notes from their Coach and recommended drills to practice.

With respect to Equipment, GOLFTEC conducts its own custom club fittings with an in-depth process called TECFIT, where your GOLFTEC fitter will utilize Foresight launch monitors to identify the ideal club head and shaft combinations for your swing.

While there are lots of reputable places to get custom fit, it’s very rare that you can also work with a fitter who has a relationship with your coach.  This can be particularly important as your coach will have a greater understanding of your swing flaws and commitment to improving which, among other things, are very important factors that can affect the ideal clubs for your game.

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Regarding Conditioning, GOLFTEC helps each unique student truly understand their golf swing in order to get the most out of their physical capabilities, while simultaneously improving on-course strategy during outdoor lessons to optimize their mental approach to the game.  Indeed, GOLFTEC is looking to significantly add to the Conditioning element of their business moving forward.

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Technology has provided us with access to an overwhelming amount of knowledge, which, if not used properly, can easily lead us down a dangerous road of self-diagnosis.  Unfortunately, without working with a trained professional, it’s entirely possible that you’re trying to “fix” something that was never broken to start with and, instead, may result in that YouTube “magic fix drill” adding new swing flaws into the mix.

Fortunately, GOLFTEC’s teaching is founded on indisputable and unbiased data that illustrates certain body positions that will help you develop into a more skilled golfer.  And regardless of which swing theory you believe in, the truth of the matter is just that what your swing looks like is irrelevant, and what really matters is whether you’re achieving certain body positions that will help facilitate ideal impact conditions.

In sum, GOLFTEC has found a way to successfully implement technology into golf lessons.  With the help of motion measurement and video analysis, golfers can focus on hitting certain “checkpoint” positions that will improve their golf swing.

So if you happen to be interested in taking a lesson or getting fit at GOLFTEC, there’s over 200 locations worldwide across the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan), with plans to open approximately 20 new locations per year for the foreseeable future.

And as briefly mentioned earlier, keep your eyes open, because I’ll be taking a GOLFTEC lesson soon, and I’m really excited to see where I fall in comparison to the SwingTRU Motion Study and how GOLFTEC’s data-focused approach helps improve my golf game.

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