High School Golfer Ben Tetzlaff Drills Two Aces in 9 Holes

High School Golfer Ben Tetzlaff Drills Two Aces in 9 Holes

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There have been many amazing moments in golf this year, including a multitude of aces that have been made on the PGA TOUR. One high school student, however, blew all of those moments out of the water.

On Monday afternoon, a high school senior, Ben Tetzlaff, took the tee at the Iron Lakes Country Club in North Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania. He was participating in a practice round with Parkland High School teammates when he hit his first ever ace on the course’s second hole. But Tetzlaff didn’t stop there, as he repeated the feat on the sixth hole of the course.

Many players wait their entire lives to hit a hole-in-one but the young Tetzlaff had to wait a mere 40 minutes to get two! If you’re wondering about what the actual odds of this happening are, they are listed at an astounding 67 million to 1. For reference, that is six times more unlikely than winning $1 million in the Powerball.

Tetzlaff basically collapsed in shock after the second ace but was able to collect himself later and reminisce on the incredible accomplishment. “My friend sprinted around the water, he saw the ball in the hole and I fell to my knees,” Tetzlaff said.

“It was like, What the heck just happened? How do you do that? It’s not a natural thing.”

This was incredibly special for the Parkland High Senior, as his best round ever was a 76. The aces helped carry some momentum in his actual contest, however, as Parkland was able to beat the previously unbeaten Emmaus High School carried by Tetzlaff’s 78. Tetzlaff is planning on playing some junior tournaments the rest of the year before golfing in college next year.

Even though Tetzlaff made both aces in a practice round, the feat is still one that is virtually impossible to replicate. Hopefully, Tetzlaff saved the ball he used and will keep it in order to tell the story for a long time.

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