Improve Your Ball Striking Through Better Swing Sequencing

Kevin Sprecher Golf Instruction, Swing Coach Leave a Comment

Here’s a great drill to work on your body motion and your sequencing to improve ball striking and make you a more consistent golfer.


About Kevin Sprecher

Kevin has been the Director of Instruction at Sleepy Hollow C.C. for the past 16 years, and previously spent the summers teaching at Atlantic G.C (2002), Glen Oaks C.C. (1995-1996) and The Piping Rock Club (1997). In 2018 Kevin was selected at the Metropolitan PGA Section Teacher of the year. In 2017 Kevin was selected as one of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher’s in America. In 2017-18, Golf Digest ranked him number twelve on the Top 50 list of instructors in New York. Kevin is certified by AimPoint (level 1), Trackman (level 2), K-Vest (level 3), Science and Motion (level 2), BioSwing Dynamics (level 1), and Swing Catalyst (level 2). Kevin is an Advanced fitter for Titleist, and Sleepy Hollow is one of four Titleist regional fitting centers in the country.

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