Make Bogey Your Friend

Here’s Why You Should Make Bogey Your Friend

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I sort of feel sorry for Bogey because he gets so much bad press and is really misunderstood.  All the tour players and television announcers talk about Bogey being bad, but he has several family members that are a lot worse such as Double, Triple, and the dreaded Other.

In order for you to score better and enjoy the game more you just need to make friends with Bogey.  Unlike tour players you are not playing golf for a living.  You play for fun and maybe an occasional dollar or two or a prize.  Bogey will help you win more of both if you will let him.  All you need to do is adopt one attitude and that is “unless there are penalty shots involved there is no excuse to make more than Bogey.”

It simply becomes a matter of doing what Ray Floyd said and trying to play a shot you know you can pull off instead of playing shots you hope you can pull off.  If you get in trouble simply play for Bogey.  Make sure that it is the worst score you can make.  You are not Phil Mickelson or any other tour player.  Play within yourself.

Here’s An Example

I was playing with some members and on the first hole one of them hit his ball in the left rough.  The hole was a par 5.  I found his ball and looked at the lie and decided that for me from that lie it was probably a 6 iron.  Knock it down short and wedge it on.  I left and went to my ball.  I looked back and he had a 3 wood.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he was 265 yard from the green.  I told him if he tried to hit 3 wood he would be 245 hitting his third shot.

I have many more of those examples.

The Point

The point is to learn to love Bogey at all skill levels.  If you are trying to break a hundred just play to have one on every hole.  Once you get below that just play for Bogey to eliminate the high numbers.  How many times have you had a really good round except where your ego got the best of you and you made several high numbers?

Learn to love Mr. Bogey.  He is your friend.

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