This Guy Cheated Work to Play 140 Rounds of Golf

This Guy Cheated Work to Play 140 Rounds of Golf

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This Guy Cheated Work to Play 140 Rounds of Golf

Some like to say that business is done on the golf course, not in the office. But for one man, he took this phrase a little too far and used basically all of work time as golf time.

60-year old Tom Colella of Perth, Australia is a big fan of the game of golf. So much so, that he plays as often as he can, including while he is on the clock.

Colella works as an electrician but was recently fired from his job because while he was reporting that he was working so many hours in the field, he was actually golfing. To be specific, he reported to his company that he was working while in reality, he played over 140 rounds of golf!

For those wondering how this guy could have gotten away with playing so much golf while being on the clock, he used a clever trick. As an electrician, employees are given tracking devices to make sure they’re actually doing their jobs in the field. What Colella did, was place his tracking device in a cheese puff’s bag and that allowed him to block the electromagnetic signal that would have told his company that he was hitting the links.

With such a master plan, it’s hard to believe that Colella got caught after fooling his company so easily. His downfall, however, ended up being his fellow humans, not the tracking device.

According to the workplace tribunal, Colella was ratted out by one of his co-workers and his scheme was foiled. The person who turned him in was probably jealous of Colella’s easy money for playing golf.

If this wasn’t crazy enough, Colella actually challenged his company’s right to fire him. After reviewing the case, however, Australia’s Fair Work Commissioner agreed with the company’s right to fire Colella. Now, he is a full-time Uber driver down under, hoping to find new employment as soon as possible.

So while Colella’s intelligence is something to be admired, pulling a stunt like this off is quite difficult and inappropriate. We advise that no one try this at home or you could end up jobless, just like Colella.