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Meet the Pros: Isaac Sanchez

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Issac SanchezIsaac Sanchez, the California resident known as “Sasquatch,” was featured on Golf Channel’s recent airing of Big Break (Greenbrier).  Sanchez turned pro in 1999 and recently landed himself in the top-10 on the 2012 Pepsi Tour money list.  Many of us held our breath watching last season’s Big Break, as Sanchez make it all the way to the final 3 before being eliminated and sent back home to Folsom, California.  The 330-pound Sanchez told us he felt blessed by the opportunity to participate in the Big Break program.  After all, roughly 4,000 applicants  tried out for the 12 spots on the show, making it tremendously difficult to make the final cut.  “It was by the grace of God that I was selected because there were so many applicants, it really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The 33-year old Sanchez graduated from Amador High School and attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa on a golf scholarship before turning professional after two years.  Isaac, his wife Zoe, and children Isaac Jr. and Ava Rose, live in Folsom, California where he recently began a Golf Ambassadorship role at Sevillano Links in Corning, Calif.

Our team caught up with Isaac to find out a little bit more about the guy the golf world calls, “Sasquatch”:

Golficity: Let’s start off with something we all want to know; who gave you the nickname Sasquatch?

Issac Sanchez: I can’t remember exactly, it just started when I was young as “Bigfoot” and “Sasquatch” and from there, it just kind of stuck.  Most people call me Squatch.

G: Issac, you finished in the top 3 of Big Break Greenbrier in 2012.  How would you describe the experience and do you have and regrets?

IS: It was an unbelievable experience that I was incredibly fortunate to have. I don’t have any regrets. In golf, you just have to “go for it” and do your best and that’s what I did, it just wasn’t enough.

G: Many of the golfers we talk to have some sort of pre-round ritual they go through to prepare themselves mentally and/or physically to play.  Is there something unique to your process that you do before heading out for a round?

IS: Not too many superstitions before golfing.  I’ve marked my ball with the same quarter for about 3 years, but other than that, there is no exact way that I go about my mornings.

G: As a professional golfer you’ve had the unique opportunity to play many different golf courses all over the country.  With that said, do you have any favorites?  Is there any course you call home?

IS: My favorite course would have to be the Greenbrier, Ol White Course. The Greenbrier is a special place and has such a unique feel on the course. I can’t wait to go back in May for the Sam Snead Invitational Pro-Am.  My favorite course to play at home is Sevillano Links in Corning, CA because the layout is so natural and I love golfing surrounded by the rolling hills.

G: Do you have any favorite PGA TOUR pros you like to watch regularly?  Did you have anyone you looked up to as a young golfer growing up in River Pines, CA?

IS: I don’t watch too much golf on TV unless it’s the Masters!  As a kid, I looked up to Johnny Miller and as I got older in high school, Tiger Mania took over and I became a Tiger fan.

G: Let’s talk about what’s currently in your bag.  Do you have any specific favorites or “go-to” clubs?  Are there any particular brands that perform well for you?

IS: Go-to club is probably my driver. I like how I hit it. Other than that, I have equal love for all my clubs.

G: You were in the top-10 on the 2012 Pepsi Tour money list.  With that said, what do you feel has been the greatest golf accomplishment of your career?

IS: No, I am proud of my accomplishments on the Pepsi Tour but that has never been my singular focus, even though I have had success there. If I focused on that tour, I feel that I could win the money title.

G: What advice would you give young college golfers trying to break through?

IS: Set your pro schedule at a level you are comfortable playing at. Stick to whatever has worked for you in the past. It’s still just golf at the end of the day, even if it is pro golf.

G: What are your goals heading into 2013?  Are there any specific achievements you’ve set your sights on?

IS: I want to earn Tour status!

G: Thanks Issac!

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