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In October of 2018 I headed out to sycamore Illinois to get a first hand look at a new club company looking to make a splash in the industry (Meet new golf club company sub 70). I was so blown away by the quality of their product that when I came time for me to buy a new set of clubs they where still on my mind.

I had tested out options from many of the OEMS. Because the results and the feel were pretty much the same, I decided to head back to Sub 70 golf for a personal fitting. Before we got to the fitting portion of my visit, I sat down with Jason Hiland to go over what their future and next steps are.

Sub 70 Meeting

We talked about the clubs I planned on testing and their business plans going forward. During our conversation he shared with me that they are close to launching their demo program. A potential buyer will be able to try a club for two weeks for basically $20.

Those details will be available on their website soon. A quick stop to check out the “SUB PAR BAR” that they rescued from demolition when the local country club went through a refurbishment, it was off to the fitting.

The Fitting

Before I went back to their facility I reviewed the videos I took from the first visit. I had an idea that the 699’s would be for me. Jason confirmed my thought when he brought it up before I could. Lucky for me the facility is only an hour from my house.

When making the commitment to purchase new clubs it is very important to get fit. Sub 70 does have a fitting chart on their website that is easy to use. A series of drop-down menus with pictures to go with the product names makes it easy for even the most novice computer person to use. I could have selected the stock shaft, estimated the correct flex and gone with the same lie angles as what I was fit to on my previous set (now 10 years old) but being as close as I am, I opted for the fitting with Jason.

I strongly suggest that anyone who is in the market to purchase any new clubs, go to a qualified fitter. Take the time to do it right.

What made this fitting different from the last one I did for my current driver is that it was a mix of old school and new school. Sub 70 has a simulator on site to measure swing speed, ball speed, shot shape and spin rates. These numbers are critical for any fitter to get you into the right equipment.

What their system doesn’t have is the ability to “optimize” the data. It doesn’t track the flex of the shaft or the face angle at impact. Because of this I relied on Jason’s experience as a club fitter and club builder. He’s been in the golf business for over 20 years and he had me in the right equipment in no time.

We used the numbers from the simulator, Jason’s experience and the lie board to get everything dialed in.

Sub 70 Meeting 2

Here is where I’m circling back to what I wrote above. Had I gone with my previous fitting from 10 years ago I would have selected the clubs be bent -2 degree’s. After hitting balls on the lie board, it turns out that I am now +1 degree upright! I have gone in the opposite direction.

If not for a fitting I would have been in the wrong equipment and my new purchase would have been pointless. It’s like driving a stock Corolla in a NASCAR race. Yeah you can get around the track, but you’re not going to pass anyone unless they have a breakdown.

After testing the 699’s versus the 639’s again it was clear that the 699’s where the answer for me. It goes to prove the value of getting fit. Whenever you plan on investing in your game, it is critical that you invest the time in getting fit.

Expectations Redefined

After the order was placed in their system I left with a new-found sense of confidence for the upcoming season. I just got fit for a new 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 4- PW and a 56* Sand Wedge for around $1,000!

This is not something I would have been able to do from an OEM. I was able to maximize my funds, so I could put together a set that fits me, top to bottom.

I had received a text later that evening with a picture of my new clubs already built and ready to ship first thing Monday morning (I was there on a Friday). Tracking label was slapped on the box on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon I was holding the box to my clubs.

A turnaround time of three days from order to receipt is unheard of. The worst thing about this experience is that I now have new, shinny clubs and its January in Chicagoland.

I can’t wait for the spring!

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