Paulina Gretzky Deletes All of Dustin Johnson’s Photos on Instagram

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Well folks, some new drama surfaces out of the Dustin Johnson camp.  “Internet Rumors” are circling that the Paulina/DJ relationship has been shaken up somehow; some way.    The Barstool guys confirmed that certain posts from Paulina that had DJ in them have been deleted after searching Google.

Paulina Gretzky Deletes Photos of Dustin Johnson off Instagram

A Metro article proved that these images were on Instagram at one point (time stamped) and now, they are no longer there.  Sounds fishy.  Why would a spouse delete every photo of their husband/fiance off their Instagram account?

Wishing all the best to the Johnson/Gretzky’s … hoping it’s just “internet rumors”.  But DJ can’t use the falling down the stairs excuse this time, or can he?

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Richard pills
Richard pills

They aren’t married they are engaged


maybe he found out he was not allowed to ground his club in her and took the penalty

Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil

So if you delete a pic we should assume you and your partner have split? Got it, will be watching.