PGA of America Partnership with Topgolf Creating Vast Opportunities

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There have been a lot of new alliances that the PGA and other golf companies have made over the past few months. One of the biggest new partnerships comes from PGA of America and the new, popular destination, Topgolf.

For those that are unfamiliar with Topgolf, it is a new type of golf experience that makes the game fun for all types of players. In essence, Topgolf locations are like a driving range, that is based inside and couples the game we love with technology that makes it simple and fun for those who are not avid players. I like to think of it as almost a Dave & Buster’s for golf.

Partnering with this new, up and coming industry is something that is exciting for the PGA of America. “Topgolf’s fun and entertaining concept is rapidly attracting a new generation of non-traditional players to the game, and we’re proud that PGA Professionals are instrumental in this growth,” said PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua. “In addition to growing the game, Topgolf’s exciting expansion represents an outstanding opportunity for PGA Professionals nationwide.”

Topgolf Fort Worth ahead of the May 5 opening of the…

Topgolf Fort Worth ahead of the May 5 opening of the 65,000-square-foot complex just east of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

One of the biggest opportunities that come with this partnership is a number of career opportunities that will be available for PGA of America members and others who love the game of golf. Each Topgolf location has over 500 associates, including positions of Director of Operations, Director of Instruction, Lead Instructor, Operations Manager, Food & Beverage Manager and more. These opportunities will only grow as new locations open up.

Another factor that Topgolf brings to the table is the new audience that is attracted to the game. Since Topgolf is more of a laid back, fun experience compared to a typical driving range, many more types of people are attracted to the location. This will bring families and significant others into the building and continue the PGA’s goal of reaching out to new audiences.

Overall, this arrangement seems to be beneficial for both the PGA of America and Topgolf and it will be interesting to see the impact this partnership has on the game of golf over the next few years.

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