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Struggling Rory McIlroy to Receive MRI on Back

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There have been so many injuries that have plagued the top golfers this year that the PGA TOUR could be mistaken for a season of the Walking Dead.  The back has been the most common area of injury for players, from Tiger Woods’ re-aggravated back injury to Dustin Johnson’s fall at the Masters.

Rory McIlroy is the latest star golfer to suffer a back injury but his injury does not seem to be as serious as others.  Rory’s back has been a problem for him all season, as he has missed a total of four events over seven weeks because his back pain was so intense.  Despite missing these events, however, McIlroy continues to insist that the injury isn’t a problem.

This was exhibited this past weekend when Rory complained of his sore back after two rounds at THE PLAYERS Championship but stayed in the tournament to finish his final two rounds.  It’s not like McIlroy hasn’t been competitive either, as he was in it until the end at The Masters and has made almost every cut in the tournaments he does play in.


While he has been able to play through the injury, there is obviously some concern that he has a serious problem, hence the decision to get an MRI.  “It might just be a flare-up of what happened previously and I just need to rest for a few days and it might be OK,” Rory said, “Hopefully, that’s what it shows in the scan next week.”

As for how the injury has come about, McIlroy believes that it may be his busy schedule that came after a long lay-off.  Following a three-week absence to allow his back to heal, McIlroy returned to play four out of six weeks leading into the Masters and rushed back again after taking some time off to get married.  This quick return and regiment could be the cause of the back injury or maybe it’s a curse from the golf gods for choosing to marry his wife rather than playing the game.

Regardless of what actually caused Rory’s injury, we can only hope that it isn’t a long lingering injury like that of Tiger Woods, and McIlroy is able to return to the course as effective as ever.

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