Shot Scope V2 Smart GPS + Shot Tracking Giveaway

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Chances are you’ve heard us running through our stats recently on The Golf Podcast, and if you’re wondering where all that data comes from, you might be surprised to hear it’s all done by a smart little watch and a few club sensors.

That’s right, I’m talking about the Shot Scope V2 which first piqued our interest when Mike and I first saw Kris McEwen’s excellent review, which you can watch here.

Anyway, we recently had a little fun with the Shot Scope V2 on a rain-soaked, New York Country Club track in Spring Valley, NY.

This was the result:

Although I absolutely love diving into my stats dashboard to analyze my performance and look for areas I can improve my game, I have to admit that what I really enjoy are the “metals.” These little awards motivate me to keep grinding towards new achievements.

I strongly encourage you guys to check this one out, and what better way to that than entering our Shot Scope V2 Giveaway here.

And if you’re not our lucky winner don’t worry, as part of the Golficity Army you can still get $40 off a new Shot Scope V2 by going to


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