Extend Your Golf Season with Callaway’s Fall 2018 Collection

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Callaway Apparel is something special to me, particularly outwear since one of their thermal vests was my first true piece of “golf clothing.”  Ironically enough, that Callaway zip-up vest is still one of my go-to pieces of clothing whenever the weather dips below 70°. And that’s because, despite being a few years old, the zipper still easily glides up and …

Waggle Golf Apparel

Stand Out and Be Different with Waggle Golf Apparel

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I don’t like to generalize, but (generally speaking) golf clothes are super conservative.  I mean, until Rickie Fowler hit the Tour, the “loudest” golf clothing you’d see were colored polo shirts with stripes. A post shared by Stymie Golf Supply (@stymiegolfsupply) on Sep 24, 2018 at 6:07am PDT But now, everybody does stripes…  So how do you stand out when …


Stance Socks: Performance and Style For Your Feet

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Golf shoes have recently been getting a lot of attention, particularly shoes that are spikeless, feature a more minimalist-design, or are made with a more breathable knit pattern.  And who doesn’t love options?!?   However, no matter which pair of shoes you prefer, you’re going to wearing some type of socks that, ideally, should help provide that optimal connection between …


Criquet Shirts – A Modern Twist on Iconic Golf Polo Design

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Golf apparel has recently become a very become very competitive marketplace.  As a result, company’s needs to do something to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.  Fortunately, Criquet Shirts has found a winning formula by putting a modern twist on an iconic and classic polo design. Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown founded Criquet back in 2010 with the …


Meet Swannies: Cool Gear, Great People, and Awesome Parties

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There’s something quietly happening in the somewhat niche market that is golf apparel. It’s starting to get a lot cooler. Not, it’s a little chilly, cool. A stylish cool. For so long golfers have been limited in their selection of hats and shirts. Sure, Puma has pushed the envelope a bit with the emergence of Rickie Fowler, but otherwise, it’s been …

GFORE Peter Millar

Apparel Brand Peter Millar to Purchase G/FORE

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Regardless of how good you are at golfing, if you’re even semi-interested you like to look the part: sleek-looking polos, comfy and classy pants, sharp shoes, and a few hats from your favorite brands.  Recently, a lot of non-OEM affiliated brands have come out and offered some very popular stuff, brands like Atlas Premier, Bonobos, Greyson, J.Lindeberg, Linksoul, and Travis Matthews.  But …