Golf Aim Small Miss Small

Why “Aim Small, Miss Small” is Not For Everyone

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Whether we want to believe it or not, golf is a mental game.  With that said, so is everything we do.  Our brain is the control center and it controls our bodies.  We have heard this for some time now and the concept of the mental game is becoming more widely accepted. There is a problem though, sport psychologists are …

How to Find a Great Golf Teacher Coach or Instructor

How to Find a Great Golf Teacher, Coach, or Instructor

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There are golf teachers and coaches every couple of miles down the road these days.  However, this may be a big problem for the players and parents of young players. Who should you trust with your golf game? In this article, I would like to explore some traits and give you a guide to find a great coach/teacher near you. …

Golf Podcast 063 Helping Teach Junior Golfers with Kiel Alderink

Golf Podcast 063: Helping Teach Junior Golfers with Kiel Alderink

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Parents, are you hurting, or helping?  Frank and Mike welcome Kiel Alderink back to the podcast to discuss the best methods for teaching junior golfers how to play, and most importantly enjoy, the game of golf.  Parents, listen up!  If you plan to share your love of the game of golf with your children, this is the show for you! …

Why Your Golf Game Lacks Consistency and How to Fix it 2

Why Your Golf Game Lacks Consistency and How to Fix it

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I would say that about 95% of golf players throughout the years have told me that they want more “consistency” in their golf game.  What does that mean “to be more consistent?”  Does that mean they want their scores to be consistent, ball flight, putting? Interestingly enough, it is the inconsistency that makes the game exciting.  Let’s be honest, if …