I Made Tiger Great Again

The Celebs Come Out to Celebrate Tiger’s Comeback Win

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After a Ryder Cup week filled with (plenty of) emotion, some of the boys came together at Tiger Wood’s Jupiter, FL restaurant The Woods to celebrate his recent 80th PGA TOUR victory.  Justin Thomas posted this photo the other night with Rickie and the GOAT himself with some fun new t-shirts.


From the looks of the photo, it seems like the crew is all smiles again after the gut-wrenching ass-kicking from the European team.   We do admit, Tiger does look a bit rested since the last time we saw him at a press conference table in Paris.   Loving the shirts too by the way; whose idea do you think that was?  Possibly JT’s smack-back to Barstool for calling him an “American Hater”?   Well, I’d hate to break it to you, but Sundays are now great again.

Serena Williams also was in attendance to pay some respect to Tiger, seen here linked up with DJ’s brother Austin’s finance, Sam Maddox.


Justin Thomas posted the photo then followed it up with a Snap showing him hitting the air to compete in next weeks CIMB Classic in Malaysia.  Is it me or does it seem like these guys never rest?

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