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Every time I turn on a golf tournament it looks like the players are dressed like they stepped out of a catalog. There is an old saying “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good”.

This also holds true when it comes to our clubs.

There is something to be said when you’re standing over your ball and you look down at the club and the way it looks gives you confidence. The clubs that the PGA Tour pros are using look amazing and as much as I would like to play the top of the line, name brand forged irons my skill set isn’t there (yet). Because of this I don’t pay much attention to the newest player style of clubs that come up from the OEM’s.

Now there is another small company with big experience that’s turning heads and looking to make a splash in the market for the 0-10 Handicappers. You won’t see any commercials for them on late night TV or during the mid-day coverage while watching the FedEx Playoffs just yet, but a quick Twitter or Instagram search will have you looking at some of the most unique clubs to hit the market in some time.


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A golf tech nerd like me couldn’t help but reach out to Eric Burch, the owner of New Level Golf to see what I could find out.

Q & A with Eric Burch

What is New Level Golf and how did you get started?

First started in Rockford IL, in 2016. I was selling all other brands, but also prototyping various designs for the bigger picture you see now.

What sets New Level Golf apart from other manufacturers?

Quite a bit, being a smaller company allows us to stay extremely focused on satisfying the client.

Is New Level Golf working with any big market distributors or retailers?

Cool Clubs, Club Champion, Hot Stix, True Spec just to name a few. (even starting to expand into Canada)

How do fittings work with New Level Golf?

Internally, all of our fittings are performed outdoors (or with dealer/club fitter).

What type of Club options do you offer (Drivers, Irons, Wedges, putters)?

Iron and wedges only!

Besides clubs, what else is available through New Level Golf?

Some accessories (bags, hats and towels)

Does New Level Golf aim for a specific quality of player or do you offer a variety of options for every handicap?

Our bread and butter is the 0-10 range

I see the names of your clubs are numerical, what do the names of your models mean and what’s the story behind them?

Started with the 902 which was a tribute to my late grandmother, 1031 to my mom, 610 to my wife and so on.

Where are the clubs built?

Internal builds in Scottsdale AZ, with our network of dealers at their facilities.

What is the turnaround time from order to consumer?

Currently 8 business days, but does vary.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee/ trial period/ return policy to reduce buyer’s reluctance to purchase from New Level Golf?

We will be launching a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I see New Level Golf works with a variety of shaft manufacturers. Do you have your own version of shafts or do you work with a preferred Shaft manufacture?

Only premium, authentic, aftermarket shafts. NO MADE FOR!

What is the MSRP on your products?

$199 per club with 37 shaft options off our website, varies by fitting location.

If a consumer wants to give New Level Golf a try, what’s the best way for them to get started?

Find a dealer, or buy a wedge. One you hit them, you’ll feel the difference.


New Level Golf is confident in their product and they are happy to discuss with their consumers from what I’ve been able to find online. Because my skill set isn’t high enough to give a fair evaluation of their product hands on I took my search back to Twitter and these consumer posts speak volumes!

Eric has a clear passion for what he’s doing. By adding a tribute to the most important ladies in his life to every club design you can count on New Level Golf ensuring that the quality of the product they put out is just that, quality.

If you’re in the market for a new set of irons or wedges and your game can support this style of club you might want to give New Level Golf a try.

Their Clubs pop visually so when you stand at the first tee and your competition gets a look at these clubs it’s fair to say that the sight of these clubs will have them wondering what they got ahead of them for the next 18 holes.” One you hit them, you’ll feel the difference.

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