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Tiger Woods Yacht Drawing More Attention than Him

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Tiger Woods has been no stranger to publicity throughout his career, especially this season but he certainly isn’t used to being upstaged. Especially when he’s getting less attention than something he directly owns.

Woods arrived at Shinnecock in style earlier this week, coming by sea to dock his huge yacht in the area. The 155-foot boat, ironically named “Privacy,” has been docked at the Sag Harbor Yacht Club since Woods arrived in the area on Tuesday. And ever since, it seems to be drawing a more attention than Woods himself ahead of golf’s second major.

While the yacht is docked in the private section of the yacht club, it hasn’t stopped several spectators from trying to get a glimpse of the boat from the public section. There are still several good views of the yacht from the public docks but some people are going the extra mile to try to get a glimpse. In fact, some people have been asking other boaters if they can use their boat to get a better picture.

One boater, Janice D’Angelo, even reported that people were asking to step onto her boat where she lives with her family to get a better photo. “I’ve never seen so many pictures taken of a boat,” D’Angelo said. “I had a woman ask me if she could stand on the front of my boat to take a picture of Tiger’s yacht.’’ She replied with an emphatic no.

Golf Channel recently got an exclusive look inside of Privacy and shared some of the boats amazing features. The yacht includes five staterooms that can fit 10 guests, four rooms for the crew, an eight-person hot tub, kayaks, and scooters. The price of owning this amazing vessel? It would cost an astounding $20 million with millions in operating fees every year.

While all eyes are on Tiger’s yacht for now, the attention should shift back to the man later this week when he takes the course at Shinnecock. And if all goes well, Tiger will be sailing away with his first major trophy in a decade.

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