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As golf fanatics and enthusiasts we all dream to have the ultimate practice facility in our own home or office.  That itch of getting out of bed and playing nine holes in the basement simulator before the kids wake up or the work shuffle begins is something we all have.  But we often overlook practicing something that we do 25-35 times per round; putting.

In my search for the right home green to get my flatstick practice in on the regular, I was presented with a ton of options.  Options that were cheap and flimsy to expensive and unnecessary and everything in between.  I then landed on which offered exactly what I wanted:  a great quality putting green that will fit in my home and require zero installation.   Not to mention, it looks amazing in my home office and I get a ton of compliments (and fun side bet games when my buddies come over).

About Tour Greens

Tour Greens is part of The Recreational Group, a family-owned family of companies that prides themselves on stellar design, manufacturing, and installation of high quality recreational surfacing. Whether its playground floors, turf, hard wood courts, ice skating, or premium luxury outdoor built in landscape design, these guys seem to have the ability to do it all.   Their highly-trained design and installation professionals allow pride themselves on being able to give their customers the ability to “Bring Space to Life”. I mean, look at this photo. How cool would this be?

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Landmark Designs


Overall the quality of the green was top notch.  You can tell that it’s not real grass (of course), but these guys do a great job with the details.  As you can see from the top picture, the rough around the main putting surface adds for a nice aesthetic feature which makes it look more like the real thing. Honestly, I cannot see anything damaging this if you take care of it and keep it away from rain or snow.


For me, this green is a perfect in-home/inside putting surface for excellent putting and chipping practice whether it be in the playroom, basement, or like me, home office.  Also, it gets a ton of compliments as guests come by the home, especially when the guys want to have a couple of drinks and have a friendly putting competition.


At the end of the day, most luxury, top quality greens will cost you some money.   If you want cheap, you’ll get cheap felt or even plastic.  Or you can go real cheap and buy a cheesy narrow putting ramp where the ball could (or could not) come back to you.

tour greens outside greens

We’ve all toyed with the idea of installing a putting surface or even a net in the garage to practice some full swings.   Now, for the price, you probably won’t find a better green on the market.

The greens range in price according to size.  A small size green will run you $499.99 (11′ x4′) while the largest indoor green (12′ x 5′) will run just under $900.  Although my green runs at the smaller size of 10′ x 4′, the additional features like sand trap and water art on the surface brought the price to $650.  But when you see it, you’ll instantly feel it’s worth it.  What an edition to my office!

Where to Buy It

The easiest way to get your hands on one of these amazing greens is by simply visiting Tour Greens’ website and placing your order right there.  Shipping was super fast and the only set up it required was taking it out of the box and putting the flag sticks in.

Excellent product.  I highly recommend this one!



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