5 Ways to Save Money on Golf Equipment

5 Ways to Save Money on Golf Equipment

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5 Ways to Save Money on Golf Equipment - Golficity

Let’s face it, golf equipment can be expensive, and for beginner golfers and weekend hackers, the idea of purchasing the right equipment for your came can rapidly become an overwhelming and generally frightening concept.

Have no fear; so long as you’re willing to put in a little effort, and apply the proper patience, there are ways to upgrade your golf gear without taking an uppercut to the wallet.

With that said, here are our five creative ways to save money on golf equipment:

Stalk the “one day deal” sites

One day deal sites are an excellent way to pickup golf equipment at steep discounts, the key however, is to watch them closely and be ready to strike when the deal you want pops up.  Websites like Divot.com specialize in positing deals on surplus golf equipment, but the trick is that each deal only last only 24 hours before it’s gone.  Waiting for exactly the right deal may require patience, but if you hit it just right you can score big.  Members of our staff recently picked up huge deals on everything from Nike Drivers ($90) to TaylorMade Putters ($60).  The better deals tend to sell out fast, so make sure you pounce early on the golf equipment you’re looking for.  We recommend signing up for Divot.com and other one day deal site’s mailing lists.  That way you’ll receive daily emails rather than having to remember to check the site every morning until your deal pops up.

Don’t overlook the all-powerful Amazon

You probably already shop Amazon for everything from gifts to home appliances, so why is it so often overlooked when it comes to golf equipment?  Amazon has been known to run some amazing deals on golf equipment, posting savings as significant as 40% off select gear.  Depending on your state, the online tax-free savings alone (for now anyway) might be enough to make that shiny new TaylorMade Driver affordable.  Additionally, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive free shipping and you’ll have your new equipment in hand within two days!  Who’s better than you?

Check the outlet stores

The mere mention of outlet stores may conjure up bad memories of long days spent hunting through clothes bins for “unbeatable deals,” but fear-not, we’re talking about saving some serious cash on golf equipment from the comfort of your own couch.  Sites like the Golfsmith Outlet offer clearance savings that you’ll just have to see to believe.  Similar to the one day deal sites mentioned earlier, sites like the Golfsmith Outlet can be hit or miss since usually only overstock items are listed, so be ready to whip out the credit card if an item you’re looking for comes up for the right price.  You may not be able to get the very latest items through outlet stores but they’re a great way to pick up established brands at about half the price they were listed at when they first hit the shelves last season.

Buy used

Most golf stores allow players to trade in their “old” equipment for discounts on new items.  This presents players who aren’t as concerned with “newness” to pick up some excellent golf equipment at a hefty discount.  Drop in on your local PGA Superstore or Golf Galaxy and you’ll be in awe of how many of last year’s premier equipment has already been traded in for this year’s model (which probably isn’t nearly as different as the marketing department would lead us to believe).  Buying used equipment is an excellent way for beginner and budget-minded golfers to purchase quality golf equipment without having to make a serious monetary commitment.  For all you online-shoppers out there, also make sure to keep a close eye on Ebay and Craigslist, or sites like CallawayGolfPreowned.com for other ways to procure the used golf equipment that fits your game.

Rent your golf equipment

That’s right, we said rent it!  For those of you who are just starting out or aren’t yet quite sure which golf equipment best fits your game, a good idea might be to rent different clubs to see what works before you make the purchasing commitment.  Revolutionary companies like GolfRedefined.com actually allow you to have a club “subscription” in which you pay a small monthly fee to use any driver in their arsenal.  You can select a driver, use it for a few rounds, and sent it back for a different one if it doesn’t fit your game.  Other websites like ClubHub.com also allow you to rent clubs for any time period you choose and ship them back via FedEx when you’re done.

In addition to the five methods to save money on golf equipment mentioned above, the in introduction of online shopping has also done wonders for providing new opportunities for golfers on a budget. Here is a short list of a few of the most popular (and our favorite) discount retailers to consider:

There are plenty of ways to save money on golf equipment so long as you are willing to think outside the box a bit.  We hope these suggestions help you find the equipment you need to keep your game, and your wallet on the right track.

Have more suggestions on how to save money on golf equipment?  If so, leave us a comment below or Tweet us at @Golficity.

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