Bad Little Nine Will Pay You $1000 if You Break Par

This “Bad Little Nine” Will Pay You $1000 if You Break Par

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Bad Little Nine Will Pay You $1000 if You Break Par

There are many golf course out there that claim to be the most difficult in the game but few are willing to put their money where their mouth is.  But that is exactly what Bob Parsons is doing with his Bad Little Nine course.

Parsons, most known for his Xtreme Golf club company (PXG), had some land at Scottsdale National golf course so he decided to created a 9-hole par 3 course.  Not only is this a par 3 course, it is also extremely short, with every hole averaging 108 yards from the tee box.  On paper, it seems like this would be a simple course for a good player, let alone a PGA pro, but the wacky course layout and insane pin positions makes it nearly impossible to break par.

The course has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, as the greens feature small landing zones, play ridiculously fast, and have shaved banks on the side that are fortified by inescapable bunkers.  It’s even been said that Pat Perez, a winner on the PGA TOUR this year, took 15 shots to get out of a bunker.

Even though these bunkers are in play all the time and the greens always run fast, a good shot could put you in a great spot on some of the holes.  Some pin placements are put in spots that if you hit the green, the ball funnels right towards the hole.  This is not the case on Fridays, however, when Parsons puts up the $1000 if a player can break par.

Many have tried, including several PGA TOUR professionals, but no one has been able to conquer the course on Friday.  The hole locations on this day are in such difficult spots that even the best of shots would funnel the ball away from the hole location.  And since Friday is the only day you can attempt to collect your winnings, Bad Little Nine is open all night with lighting boxes on the greens and in the tee boxes.

Despite the warnings, many people still go out to play this little course every day.  If you’re ever in Scottsdale and feeling a little lucky, you may want to join the crowd and attempt to collect on Parsons’ bet.

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