Billy Hurley III Just Put Out a Hilarious Attack Ad Against Jordan Spieth

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If you are one that pays attention to the political process, you know that midterm elections will be coming up this year. And in the spirit of that, Billy Hurley III got a little political himself.

Hurley is one of two candidates that are running for the position of Chairman of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council. Voting will be taking place among PGA TOUR pros until this upcoming Tuesday and Hurley is running against a name most fans know pretty well…Jordan Spieth.

In an attempt to get some late votes for the spot, Hurley has made a campaign ad against Spieth.

The ad runs just like a typical slam ad that a politician would run against their opponent. Some of the highlights include Hurley calling Spieth bossy, including the clip of Jordan telling his caddie to “go get that” during the final round of his 2017 Open Championship victory. The full ad is posted below and I highly suggest watching it all.

The job that the two are running for is actually a pretty important position. The Chairman of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council sits for a three year term and has the important job of communicating the needs of the Tour to PGA Chairman Jay Monahan, as well as the Board of Directors. Essentially, the position represents the voice of the players.

The position had previously been filled by Davis Love III, who is stepping away from the job this year. If you’re wondering how Hurley and Spieth were chosen to run for the position, they were chosen by the current directors of the PGA Tour Policy Board. It wasn’t just because they are great players, or the most popular among their peers.

Regardless of who wins this race, the position will be in good hands. But it is nice to see that the two golfers were able to have some good laughs about the situation.

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