Sergio Garcia Damaged Golf Course

BREAKING: Sergio Garcia Narrowly Escapes TOUR Suspension

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We’ve all had frustrating days on the course that leads to fits of some anger. It’s natural in a game that is so intricate and focused on every little shot. Well, Sergio Garcia didn’t handle that anger very well this week on the European Tour.

Playing this week at the Saudi Invitational, Garcia was disqualified on day three of the event because he allegedly destroyed five different greens intentionally. There’s no direct evidence that shows Garcia roughing up the putting surfaces at Royal Greens Golf and Country Club but there are many spots that had what are described as intentional scuff marks and divot holes that followed Garcia’s group.

It’s obvious that Sergio was frustrated and there were temper tantrums on display at the event. For example, there’s a video out there that shows Sergio going ballistic after a bunker shot during his second round but he didn’t attack the greens at that point. It wasn’t until the third round where officials informed the tournament director, David Williams, who had a subsequent conversation with Sergio on the back nine.

“I told him this was a disqualifiable offense. He was in his game zone, but he listened. We exchanged a few pleasantries and then he nodded and carried on walking,” Williams said. “It was obviously not a good situation to be in. He was obviously very frustrated and it is something very unusual to happen. Some of the marks were similar to what we sometimes see out in South Africa when a buck has run across a green. Over here it could have been a camel.”

Despite these extreme damages that Sergio caused on the course that led to his disqualification, it doesn’t appear that he will face any further punishment from the European Tour. Sergio has reportedly apologized to the Tour and the players that were directly affected by his actions. All parties have decided to move on from the situation.

It’s incredibly rare and childish for a professional athlete to have this kind of meltdown but hopefully, it will be a one-time thing for Garcia. His next start will be at the Genesis Open on the PGA TOUR and all eyes will be on him to see if any of these issues persist.

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