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Sergio Garcia Owes Quite a Few Apologies After his Recent Breakdown

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For a long time Sergio has been a favorite of mine. I was so happy to finally see him break through for his first major win at The Masters but I have a new opinion and it’s not good.

Last week the news broke that he had been disqualified from an event in Saudi Arabia due to “serious misconduct” it later being revealed that he had intentionally damaged greens in frustrations by dragging his shoes over the greens surface. That in and of itself is terrible and shows poor character but the next day a video started to make it’s rounds on social media showing Garcia hitting what looked like a pretty decent bunker shot (for me anyway).

What happened next shocked me, seeing Sergio striking at the sand over and over like a bully kicking over a child’s sandcastle on the beach, and then dragging sand to the edge of the bunker.

I was amazed at the level of childishness he showed. We’ve all hit bad shots and it does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur golfer it is nearly impossible to get frustrated out there but intentionally damaging a golf course is nearly as bad as it gets (the only thing worse is cheating or beating up your partner…)

Let’s not forget it isn’t his first time throwing a silly temper tantrum, he’s been caught spitting into the cup after 3 putting (That’s just plain gross) there are also many other examples but I’ll stick to just a couple, I’d hate for you to think I’m picking on him.

I’m not sure where his head is at here but he needs to get it together, it’s not a good look for the beloved Spaniard. Especially if you believe the rumors of him being paid upwards of $500,000.00 just to appear at the tourney.

Dustin Johnson of the USA and Sergio Garcia of Spain on the 17th tee…

Dustin Johnson of the USA and Sergio Garcia of Spain on the 17th tee during the first round of the Saudi International at the Royal Greens Golf & Country Club on January 31, 2019 in King Abdullah… Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

I am not a good golfer, in fact I’m barely a mediocre golfer and I’m not immune to the odd course meltdown but I have and never will deliberately damage a golf course. To many good, hard working people make their livelihood from these gorgeous emerald green pieces of heaven. 

I am reminded of a recent round where I could not do anything to break my terrible round. My approach to the 9th green was awful and in my attempt to save some face I ran my ball back though and off the other side of the green. In frustration I swung my club and hit a small sapling on the bushes edge, I bent my club enough to require a new shaft, but the damage to my ego and my reputation amongst my playing partners was far worse.

I was embarrassed of my behavior and apologized profusely, we continued the round and I was able to make a bit of a comeback and finished up with a respectable 85 and I nearly forgot about my poor start to the round. Also the apology beers I provided at the end of the round helped my partners forget it as well.

Sergio needs to provide some sort of apology beers to his partners and the fine folks that worked on that course he damaged. Otherwise he comes across as a petulant only child, who stamps his feet, and holds his breath until he gets what he wants.

Sergio Garcia of Spain talks to the press during a press prior to the…

Sergio Garcia of Spain talks to the press during a press prior to the start of the Saudi International at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club on January 29, 2019 in King Abdullah Economic City,… Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

His rep is damaged and will take awhile for him to recover but I believe that he can…if he keeps those apology beers coming.

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