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BREAKING: TaylorMade and PXG Settle Patent Dispute

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A little over a year ago, PXG filed a lawsuit against TaylorMade for patent infringement, supposedly stemming from TaylorMade’s P790 and SpeedFoam technology.  What started the whole dispute was that  PXG believed that TM’s SpeedFoam was a little too close to PXG’s TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) filing.

But over the past few months, TM and PXG have traded jabs, most notably with TM flipping the script and filing a countersuit that alleged PXG had violated TM patents concerning irons and woods.  To clarify, and in stark contrast to PXG’s initial suit, TM wasn’t targeting one model.  Instead, TM claimed that PXG’s 0311 irons, 0811 drivers, and 0341 fairway woods were all infringing on their patents and, therefore, should be barred from selling those golf clubs.

Well, it seems that the two sides have had enough and decided to have to a mutually agreeable resolution (possibly in light of the possibility that both sides were facing having their respective patents invalidated by the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board).

According to press releases issued by PXG and TaylorMade Golf Company, the settlement will allow “each company will have specified rights to make club products under patent cross-licenses.”  And that’s it.

The rest of the details concerning the settlement will remain confidential, but it appears that PXG’s CEO, Bob Parsons, isn’t exactly thrilled with the outcome, as Parson stated “As a golf equipment innovator, PXG will continue to pursue research and development and obtain patents for our novel club designs in the iron technology space.  We will not hesitate to assert those patents in the future.” (emphasis added).


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Regardless, golfers seem to the be the only true winner here, as we all have the option to buy PXG’s or TaylorMade’s goo-filled products going forward.

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