McEwen Reviews It Demo Day

McEwen Reviews It: In-Depth Demo Day Experience

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Ah, Demo Day.

I can’t imagine a better way to kick-off the PGA Show then Demo Day. All sorts of equipment and golf gear and a chance to test it all at an amazing driving range. If you haven’t seen it, Demo Day is held at Orange County National Golf Club, who’s driving range is a massive, mile-long circle.

While walking the great, big circle, there were stops at Wilson Golf to test the new D7 irons, Callaway to talk about the new ERC golf ball and Epic Flash driver, Srixon to talk golf ball, irons, and driver, and a few random surprises along the way.

But a video of just me talking about Demo Day didn’t seem like it was good enough. So instead, I had a special guest, straight off the range from Demo Day to talk about everything he did and saw. I even let him do the show’s intro.

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Kris became obsessed with the game of golf after deciding to finally hang up his baseball cleats about four years ago. Still learning the game, he’s leaned on much of the on-line golf community for help and loves to return the favor whenever possible.

A contributor to several golf sites in the past, Kris writes from the perspective of your average golfer. One who has a passion for the game, but also has the typical restrictions of life and budget.

He can be reached on Twitter at @krismcewen.

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