Archie Bradley Gets Stolen Clubs Back

Diamondbacks Pitcher Archie Bradley Gets His Stolen Clubs Back

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There seems to be a theme this year of players having their golf clubs go missing during or after an event. It’s an epidemic that apparently even affects the celebrity guest players.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley is one of the bright spots on a rebuilding Diamondbacks baseball team but he’s also a recreational golfer. Bradley still had some time this week before pitchers and catchers report for spring training so he decided to participate in the Waste Management Phoenix Open Pro-Am. That’s where thieves struck yet again.

There have been many stories of players having their bags stolen, some returned or bought back, all around the country this year. In Bradley’s case, the thieves took his clubs in the short time that he was at TPC Scottsdale participating in the pro-am. But unlike a lot of these scenarios this year, this one has a happy ending that could lead to an end to all of this thievery.

The #FindArchiesBag campaign that was started on social media seems to have resulted in a huge win for investigators. The movement and investigative work led to a person of interest being identified in the case when they posted a picture of Bradley’s bag on the website OfferUp and claiming they were for sale. That seems to have sprung an ongoing investigation into the thief or thieves involved. Perhaps this wasn’t the first bag they stole?

As for Bradley, his clubs were returned to him as the investigation progressed. He posted a picture of him and his clubs on Instagram, showing that they are safe and in relatively good condition. Even if Archie didn’t get his bag back, PXG, the company that made the original clubs sent him a new set after the heist. But I’m sure Bradley is happy to have his original clubs back in his possession.

Who knows how deep this investigation goes but it appears as there could maybe be a criminal market for stealing golfers’ equipment. At least for Bradley, he won’t have to worry about that again now that the baseball season is starting to heat up.

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