McEwen Reviews It Demo Day

McEwen Reviews It: In-Depth Demo Day Experience

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Ah, Demo Day. I can’t imagine a better way to kick-off the PGA Show then Demo Day. All sorts of equipment and golf gear and a chance to test it all at an amazing driving range. If you haven’t seen it, Demo Day is held at Orange County National Golf Club, who’s driving range is a massive, mile-long circle. While …


#McEwenReviewsIt: When Golf Meets Baseball?

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It started with a simple IM with a link from a friend and a question, “want to check this out?” The link was to StadiumLinks. A company that transforms baseball fieldsĀ into nine-hole golf courses. And they were coming to Chicago. Guaranteed Rate Field, specifically, and three of my golf buddies and I were in. None of us really knew what …


McEwen Reviews It: The Shot Scope V2

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A little over a year ago I wrote about the original Shot Scope V1. The shot tracker that tracked shots without “tagging” prior to a shot. The shot tracker that allowed you to accurately mark the pin placement on each green while you played. The shot tracker that, in turn, provided a player with a plethora of data and game …


Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinders Stand-Up to the Big Boys

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When it comes to rangefinders, we all know the big players. And we also know the big prices that go along with the big players. There have been a few other manufacturers that have tried to get into the pin-seeking game, but they either couldn’t stick around or they’re product was inexpensive but inferior. Enter Precision Pro and their new …