A Special Edition of McEwen Reviews It Featuring Ship Sticks

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As you might already know, Mike, Frank, Kris, and I all attended the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show last month down in Orlando, FL. As a result, we all knew that we’d be bringing our clubs down to squeeze in as many rounds of golf as we could fit in around demo day and the show (make sure to check out all the course vlogs, including the newest one featuring IG legend Bob Menery and the guys from Golfholics).

While Mike & Frank elected to travel with their stuff, Kris and I decided to make things a little easier on ourselves and give Ship Sticks a try. You see, Kris and I live in Chicago and NYC, respectively, which makes it a real pain to have to travel from the city to the airport while carrying your carry-ons, a suitcase, and a golf bag (especially when you start adding things like subways, taxis, Ubers, etc. into the mix).

Instead, Ship Sticks allowed both of us to pack everything up in our travel case and tag our bags with the ship labels. A few days later, they were picked up by our shipping carrier and, sure enough, were waiting for us as soon as we arrived in Florida.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, check out the full video review and see for yourself!

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