Could These New Forged Options be the Ultimate Vokey Wedge?

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Vokeys are one of the most-well known and reputable wedge manufacturers on the market.  As a result, it’s no surprise that you can commonly find their newest iteration in the hands of some of the best golfers, including those who aren’t even under contract. 

Just ask 3-time Major winner and defending PGA Championship and back-to-back U.S. Open winner Brooks Koepka (who’s currently got a pair of SM7s in the bag).

That said, there’s only one thing I’d change about Vokeys: forged construction (instead of cast). You see, forged golf clubs often provide golfers with a more consistent product and a denser feel. 

Sadly, forged Vokeys aren’t something available to the mainstream golfer.  Or are they…


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Introducing the 2019 VOKEY FORGED! Pre-Orders Begin Today at! #titleist #vokeyforged #tourspecgolf

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Titleist Japan (in other words, this is an international release) recently announced that Vokey Forged Wedges will be going on sale in late March. While it’s hard to imagine where you could improve on the current, cast SM7s wedges, the forged Vokeys have been enhanced with Titleist’s proprietary co-forging technique, which allows to be able to achieve a more precise center-of-gravity (CG) design, along with that pure, forged feel at impact.

CG in wedges is particularly important, as progressively positioning the CG location with the impact position of each loft allows for precise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel. Utilizing Tungsten and Titanium Inner weights allowed club designers to intelligently manipulate the location sweet spot to the center of the face to provide better directional also helps optimize the amount of backspin for each loft setting.

The 2019 Vokey Forged Wedges also feature the improved TX4 groove, which utilizes different width and depth of the groove depending on the loft of the wedge. 

To explain, 46° to 54° lofts get a deeper but narrower groove, while the 56° to 62° lofts get a wider but slightly shallower groove on the face. All models feature additional parallel milling across the face for improved spin performance.

So if anyone’s interested in having the ultimate Vokey Wedge, you’ll be able buy them online through Japanese golf equipment retailer Tourspecgolf. Just expect to pay a pretty penny—about double—the cost of the standard Vokey wedge.

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