Can an Alligator Catch a Golf Ball on the Fly? (Apparently Yes)

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If you’re a golfer from one of the southern areas of the United States, you’re probably used to seeing alligators on the course. But chances are you haven’t seen what one gator did to a player’s ball this week.

Gators are typically harmless when found on the golf course because they don’t have any interest in the humans that are playing around them, they’re just out catching some sun. A lot of them are even a little playful, posing for cameras and interacting with player’s and their equipment. This gator in Florida, however, is taking playful to a new level.

Joanne and Len Sadowsky were playing in a couple’s tournament this week at the Bonita National Golf Club in Bonita Springs, Florida when they noticed a gator down the fairway before Joanne took her shot.

Joanne ended up shanking the ball right towards the gator. Rather than avoid the ball coming towards it, the beast instead acted like man’s best friend and jumped up to catch the ball in its mouth.

Unfortunately, there is no video of the gator’s acrobatics but there are several pictures out there of the gator holding the pink golf ball in its mouth. The craziest part about the whole thing is that the gator actively helped Joanne out in the tournament. As Joanne describes, the ball was heading straight for the water hazard but since the gator caught and interfered with the ball, she was not given a hazard penalty.

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Cover Image via Naples Daily News

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